System Testing

System Testing and On-Site Service and Installation (Control Center Inc.)

Rectifying manufacturing issues while the equipment or system is new helps control aspects of the project. More importantly, it also allows you to stay on your timeline and budget. And that’s why System Testing at Control Center Inc. validates the complete & fully integrated product. The main purpose behind system testing is to evaluate the end-to-end system specifications.

Usually, your equipment or product is only one element of a larger system. Ultimately, the equipment or product is installed, and the software is interfaced with other hardware systems. System Testing is a series of tests whose sole purpose is to exercise the complete equipment or product to work fine even if the manufacturer’s warranty expires.

About System Testing at Control Center Inc.

  • Point of use power taps in multiple locations throughout the facility for Factory Acceptance Testing (F.A.T.)
  • All completed projects go through our inspection and any specific quality procedures before shipping or customer arrival for their validation.
  • We have multiple voltage variants in our facility and can accommodate numerous enclosures powered simultaneously for your validation in our facility.
  • Motor loads available to ensure V.F.D. Systems operate correctly to desired parameter settings.

Purpose of a Factory Acceptance Test

The F.A.T. is beneficial for end-users and buyers and those manufacturing and packaging the product. The Factory Acceptance Test helps assure that the new equipment complies with all contractual specifications. Additionally, it helps address any functional issues before the equipment is ready for installation. The F.A.T. is a cost-effective solution, and many small businesses, industries, and companies use it to address issues post-deployment.

Why System Testing?

This testing is crucial, and it plays a significant role in delivering a quality product to the customer.

On-Site Installation at Control Center Inc.

Installations carried out by our skilled staff will always ensure that your system is working to specifications.

Our expert and highly knowledgeable staff or application specialists perform the on-site installation. They’ll make sure that the product or system is up and running optimally. Combining the installation with product training to ensure you continue to get the best possible value from your equipment is possible. Further:

  1. Our experienced staff can come to your location and navigate down equipment, update old equipment that is too invasive to remove or rebuild, and even build your new design requests in place.
  2. Have a request for additional short-term staffing to expedite your internal project out the door, give us a call.

Control Center Inc. has the experience and expertise to provide functional test systems custom-tailored to your application.