About us

Serving our clients since 1962

Control Center, Inc. is an Industrial Control Panel manufacture who specializes in procurement, assembly, wiring and fabrication.

We got our start in a residential basement of the business founder, Robert Carlson in 1962 as a need arose for controlling multiple applications simultaneously with traditional relay logic for a few local original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). It was from that demand, some hand tools, saw horses and a steel entry door for a work bench the business was created.

Fast forward to today, that demand led to growth that is only credited to our large and extensive customer base who continues to put their faith into Control Center, Inc. to facilitate receiving a professional & complete product. Word-of-mouth is our only form of sales/marketing that we have relied on for nearly 60 years.

It was soon apparent that the Residential basement in West Metro of Minnesota was no longer adequate to support demand. We found a space to lease in New Hope, MN. As more things continued to change, so did our locations. Control Center, Inc. throughout the years moved to various Plymouth, MN locations even resulting in so much growth we took a wall down and leased neighbor’s entire suite to handle large footprint projects.

As growth continued to take place, finding a long term building for CCI was rather difficult to find in the Metro that had what we required for space & electrical power. However, in 2014 finally we found a forever fit in New Hope, MN to purchase. Our location is 36,000sqft, Open shell, high-bay style warehouse with isolated work cells perfect for customer separation and sequestering hardware for accurate project management allocation purposes.

As of today, our business model remains the same, a simple concept; “Be the best extension of our customers’ business we can.” We take care of you and ensure your reputation stays intact. Without you, there is no Control Center, Inc. Within the niche industry of control panel manufacturing, we are well experienced with our long history of operation and very confident navigating the process with industry leading speed and accuracy, all at a competitive price.