Enclosure Fabrication

Enclosure Fabrication & Modification (Control Center Inc.)

You can save precious time and money on all your custom Enclosure Fabrication & Modification needs when you use Control Center Inc.’s automated fabrication enclosure modification services. Our highly knowledgeable staff are experts in making custom enclosure modifications straightforward. Control Center Inc. delivers a quick turnaround from your submitted specifications, from complex cutouts to simple holes on any material, shape, or size.

We also use the Steinhauer Machine, which provides swift custom panel modifications. This formidable machine also offers remarkable consistency for clean cutouts and holes from your existing CAD drawings. It means you won’t have to invest your precious time in any more measuring, cutting, or drilling, allowing you to focus your attention on other segments of your operations.

Eliminate time-consuming manual labor when you use Control Center Inc.’s automated custom enclosure services

More about our Custom Fabrication & Modification Services

Many times a standard product size won’t work with existing applications and processes. You won’t need to order costly special sizes with us; our custom fabrication and modification service will help save you time and money. We fabricate and modify equipment for special applications. It helps our customers complete projects quicker by eliminating delays.

It’s essential to consider all factors before undertaking a modification or fabrication. Weight, size, and product type are crucial in developing a design, but many other issues occur. And of course, safety is always the most important.

All of our fabrications and modifications are designed using RMI guidelines & other industry standards. Various decking options available with us include plywood, particleboard, solid steel, wire, and specialty wood decks.

Our enclosure custom fabrication and modification allow us to design your initial systems to meet your requirements and future business goals. Two-level shelving or shelving-supported mezzanines are often developed, which requires the appropriate framing for the support of the floor system.

Why hire Control Center Inc.?

Control Center Inc. offers a world-class selection and massive inventory ready to be modified.

We can adjust our basic requirements, depending on the product and services required.

Control Center Inc. has an experienced enclosure modification team and two dedicated modification facilities located in Minnesota.  We are knowledgeable, available, and capable.

Control Center Inc. helps eliminate scrap and design errors to confirm the correct interpretation of your design requirements.  Your order can include express delivery of sample enclosures for inspection. It’ll help in ensuring that your assembly fits perfectly before heading to production.

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When you factor prep time, layout, machining, paint touch-up, and costly errors (if any), you’ll see the overall costs of customizing enclosures at your site skyrocketing. And then you’ll quickly see the value in receiving an enclosure from Control Center Inc. that’s built to your exact specifications.

At Control Center Inc., we offer an endless variety of options to carry out even the most demanding specifications, and we can custom configure enclosures to meet all of your requirements using the state-of-the-art Steinhauer eCAB ModCenter. Our expert staff can also easily replicate the exact locations and dimensions of your holes & cutouts – on time and budget.