Control Panel Assembly and Wiring

Control Panel Assembly and Wiring (Control Center Inc.)

Control panel systems are critical for your business’s or company’s administration capabilities, and they’re necessary to manage the overall effectiveness of automation systems. For this reason, we follow a strict approach to engineering, design, and control panel assembly to ensure success with your panel build. Our highly skilled and fully trained staff are experienced control panel builders.      

We believe in producing best-in-class control panels that are thoroughly checked and fully tested before shipping, and we encourage our customers to participate in all panel checkouts.

Control Center, Inc. has over 5 decades of experience designing, assembling, and wiring control panels. We can also provide solutions for various custom panel applications through our knowledge and expertise associated with custom controls.

Custom Control Panels

We have been providing full-service industrial control panel system design since 1962. We can handle any size job – from push-button control stations to multi-door motor control panels. Control Center, Inc. also provides any level of control system design and PLC programming required to make your business or company successful. We can also supply hardware or use hardware supplied by our customers.

Our Control Panel Assembly and Wiring Solutions are the absolute best

The basic idea of our panel component layout and wiring solution is pretty simple. But you should know that delivering a thoroughly tested control system that works the first time you plug it in is quite complex. If you’re looking for a system that works the first time, call us.

We strive hard to provide the following benefits:

  • Saving space and time
  • Saving energy
  • Optimal accessibility


We can work on many Panel Types in the Industry

We design, install & support a broad range of panel types, including:

Proven expertise in Control Panel assembly and Wiring Services

Control Center Inc.’s Control Panel Assembly and Wiring Services build electrical panels to meet our customer specifications. Our highly skilled staff has extensive experience in electrical control panel wiring.

Whether your project requires the manufacturing of electrical panels according to your supplied drawings or a complete electrical design and manufacturing service, we can offer a tailor-made solution specific to your requirements and specification.

We achieved this by working closely with our customers to ensure that their requirements and expectations are clearly understood and utilized by the best technologies and tools. And we always look forward to delivering the desired results through creative, trained, and highly competent people.

Control Center Inc. provides both volume production and low volume high mix customized panel assembly and wiring services. As a one-stop panel assembly and wiring service provider, we are committed to customer service, quality assurance, and timely delivery.

The challenge of panel assembly and wiring is to consider possible future modifications, such as reserving space for new components and cables, adding drives and actuators, and upgrading network connectivity. The aesthetic appearance of the panel is the next challenge.

Therefore, we aim to provide a complete Panel Assembly and Wiring Solution to channel your resource into developing your key competencies and other critical needs while leveraging us to care for all your Control Panel Assembly and Wiring needs.

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For over 50 years, Control Center, Inc. has been serving the custom control panel assembly and wiring market by designing high-class custom control panel systems. We have best-in-class experience in all facets of electric, computer, bar-coding, PLC, pneumatic, software, and electromechanical technologies.

Control Center, Inc.’s unique combination of control panel assembly capabilities, quality manufacturing processes, and internal engineering expertise can provide a complete project solution with the necessary mix of products and services.

We have a stringent quality assurance program that’s better than most. We have quality assurance checklists for assembly, wiring & checkouts procedures.

We are streamlining our processes to increase ROI as well as reduce time to market. We’re known for eliminating costly on-site delays that may occur when a custom control panel is not built to specification or tested for performance before delivery.

By using our control panel assembly and wiring service, you can conserve your resources for other critical needs and concentrate on your project. Apart from that, we take care of the burden of circuit design and drafting, parts procurement and staging, panel assembly and wiring, testing, packing, etc.