The engraving department at Control Center offers a wide variety engraving solutions to fit your needs. Our engraved material can range in size from .25” x .50” to as large as 24” x 48” and can be engraved on the front of the material or reverse engraved with a choice of over 20 color combinations.

Control Center uses a Vision 2448 router.
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Products Color Choices
  • Ring tags
  • Legend plates
  • Warning plates
  • Name plates
  • Electrical tags
  • Panel tags
  • Aluminum etching
  • Braille
Front Engrave: Engrave on the front of the layered laminate. Standard thickness is 1/16 inch. Red surface/white text
  • White surface/black text
  • Black surface/white text
  • Yellow surface/black text
  • Yellow surface/red text
  • Blue surface/white text
Reverse engrave: Engrave on the back of the material, leaving a smooth, weather durable surface.
  • The customer chooses the colors of paint to be applied to the text or logo.
  • Red, Yellow, Black, White, Blue
    Other colors available upon request

Printing Services
Wire Labels
Device Tags
Terminal Tags

Brady™ Self Laminating Labels

  • DAT 37  - 1” x .75”
  • DAT 85 – 1” x .38”
  • DAT 145 - .5” x .38
  • DAT 148 - .8” x .38”
Bradysleeve™ Heat Shrink Labels  *Call for information
  • Brady™ Laser Tab
    • LAT 30-737 – 1.25” x 3/8”

    Other sizes available upon request

Control Center uses Allen-Bradley™ software, printers and terminal tags. Sizes available for most terminal blocks including Allen-Bradley™, Phoenix™, and Weidmuller™.

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